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Closed Playgrounds for the World - Kids have a right to play!

PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD organizes playgrounds for needy children in the whole world. We want to build a playground in Educándario, Brazil for a daycare that takes care of orphans and children with lepracy-sick parents.

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About us
PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD promotes the right to play as something every child should enjoy. To this end, we organize sustainable playgrounds in places, where there are none- for needy children in some of the world's poorest neighborhoods. All playgrounds are built and maintained by local contractors using local employees. Thus, we both bring playgrounds to distressed communities and give those communities some much-needed economic stimulus. If we want to fight poverty in the long run, we need to strengthen children's rights.

Playgrounds are one critical way to create an alternative to the bleakness that defines so many poor neighborhoods. In cities with high,long-term unemployment playgrounds can provide kids an oasis, a place of joy, growth and cooperation instead of hopelessness and isolation.

The project
Our current project is located in Educándario Cruzeiro do Sul at the headwaters of the Amazon, 220 preschool children will benefit from a playground for preschool children. Children have a possibility to get three meals a day at the daycare, regarding the fact that most children attending the daycare are orphans or their parents are suffering from lepracy.
To support the children of Educándario the best we can we initiated this project to build a playground at the daycare and to give the children a place to move, to distract themselves and to have fun.

This project is organized in cooperation with the Children Charity Organization Third World. The daycare center Educándario has received financial support by the organization for over 20 years. A new playground will now expand the existing project.

The playgrounds are built with sustainable materials, so they can be repaired easily with materials that are available everywhere. These playgrounds consist of wood, steal, cement and old tires. Because of this the playgrounds can be painted or customized as everyone likes to do.

Support our cause
With your hep we can give the children in Educándario something that has been always something normal to us. Please donate so we can give children possibility to play.


Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.