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A project from Medizinische Nothilfe Albanien e.V.
in Pogradec, Albania

REHAB Center physiotherapy and orthopedics Workshop Albania Betesda Coffee Inklusion Integration Pogradec MNA QDSH Qendra Drita e Shpresës Medizinische Nothilfe Albanien

J. Goldammer
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About this project

Transformation into interdisciplinary REHAB Center

The ground floor of our new REHAB Centre has an area of approximately 300 m². There we will place the reception, physiotherapy and orthopedics workshop. Beside this we add a storage-/heating room of 50 m².

Therefore, we need many partitions - totally 288 m²! Each finished masonry + painted square masonry costs us 35 € in manufacturing.

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We would be delighted if you would like to support this project.

More information

Donations account: Ev. Darlehnsgenossenschaft Kiel • Purpose: "Blocks"IBAN: DE50 2106 0237 0000 3108 83 • BIC: GENODEF1EDG other – Link „Donations“.