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Construction of an orphanage in Igamba, Tansania

A project from Modern Ark eV
in Igamba, Mbozi, Tanzania

The "Help The Orphans Foundation" has set itself the goal of helping the orphans and street kids in Igamba (Tanzania). At the moment there is a urgently need to build an orphanage in order to give the childrens a private home.

Michael F.
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About this project

When I was in Tanzania for several months earlier last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer in a very poor village named Igamba which is located near Mbeya.

My host Joseph Mbwaga, who himself lived on the street, is already fighting for years against the poverty in his home village Igamba. He taked care of the orphans and try to give them a chance for a better future.

Currently most orphans and street kids are cared for by individual families. However, this type of care is often inadequate. A small school for the children was launched in order to give the childrens a chance of education. At the moment this school is only runned by one teacher. Another problem is the missing material.

The newly founded "Help The Orphans Foundation" has set itself the goal to improve the situation in Igamba and to help the orphans on a sustainable basis. Our vision for the next time is to give the childrens who are living under poor circumstances they own home. Therefore there is a urgently need to build an orphanage. In addition to the orphanage food, clothing and materials for the school is required.

In Tanzania I have seen that one can make a huge difference even on a small scale. So we are just asking you to help us to make a difference!

Note: The practice has shown that it is problematic to specify the needs too clearly, as the money is used due to ongoing costs where it is needed the most. It would be irresponsible to buy more materials, if there is a lack of other basic needs like food.