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Gomel Project - a project for humanitarian help and student exchange

A project from Förderverein der Gutenberg-Schule e.V.
in Molcad, Belarus

Student exchange of a the Gutenberg school in Berlin with the boarding school Molcat' in Belarus.

u. gdanietz
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About this project

Project of Gutenberg school, Sandinostraße 10, 13055 Berlin and the boarding school Molcat', Republik Belarus
- in the boarding school live approximatly 120 children from socially deprived children.
- the children have health and psychological problems due to bad feeding and living conditions
- many children live in the boarding school from first grade on
- children live and learn in the school until 9th grade
- the financial possibilities are very limited. Therefore, international aid is necessary
- the staff of the school try to provide a very homely atmosphere
- a modern and realistic education is in focus

We want to help the children in Molcad'

Since 2000 students of the Gutenberg school went yearly to Molcad'. During theser stays, donations of food and cloths are made.
If financial conditions allow it, we invite approximatly 20 students from Molcad' boarding school to come to Berlin.