Funded Driving a Tractor needs to be learned!

An aid project by “GSE e. V.” (A. Hammoud) in Cochabamba, Bolivia

A. Hammoud (Project Manager)

A. Hammoud
Two years have passed since the „EvoCumple“ Programme has distributed tractors to mayoralties across the country. These measures were meant to direct the indigenous population of Bolivia towards nutritional independence.

However, the delivered tractors could not be put into productive use, as the indigenous peoples had never before come into contact with such a form of technology, and therefore were not able to use them! We want to find a solution for this circumstance.

The organization GSE is assisting the deployment of a technician who, together with the professional instructors of the first indigenous technical school of Cochabamba/Bolivia, will create guidelines for the use of tractors and other agricultural devices. They will also develop the first workshops, in which the 270 indigenous representatives from the affected regions, will be able to learn about the appliance and use of such technologies.

The graduate engineer Thomas Hetze from Holzhau close to Dresden has volunteered to go to Bolivia free of charge, for four weeks, to initiate the pilot project there. The project has been brought to the GSE by an initiative, and has been supported by the Bolivian embassy.

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Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

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