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Teachers for a school project in Uganda

A project from AMAIDI International gGmbH
in Tororo, Uganda

Pajwenda, Uganda, Volunteering, waterpump

Tanja S.
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Our Partner is a non profit making organization based in Uganda. They are committed to providing children and young adults the opportunity to access education which empowers them to live happily, responsibly and independently.

During the last 4 years, our partner has achieved some key goals:
- Graduating over 400 young students with practical skills in carpentry, bricklaying and sewing
- Delivering over 65000 free meals to our students and to the wider community
- Hosting 2 medical camps, serving over 1200 people
- Purchase of a 2.2 acre plot of land
- Purchase of over 200 manual and electric tools and over 100 books for the school
- Recruting a team of 8 staff members
- Installing a solar eletricity system in our school
- Constructing a school store
- Acquiring volunteers' quarters

They are part of the European Volunteer Service program and host over 15 volunteers from the Germany, UK, USA, Australia, India and the Netherlands.