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Planting trees to fight climate crisis and for climate justice

A project from PRIMAKLIMA e.V.
in Nicaragua

In our climate protection project in Nicaragua, smallholders plant new forests. People and nature benefit from this.

Franca Madel
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About this project

Planting trees to fight climate crisis and for climate justice

The global climate crisis has long had a direct impact on the daily lives of people living in the global south, including Nicaragua. The livelihoods of small farming families here depend heavily on nature, especially intact forests. But increasingly frequent extreme weather events have left their mark and threaten livelihoods. 
  • Increasing droughts lead to water shortages and thus to crop failures, dried-up wells and low groundwater levels.
  • High rates of deforestation from the past favour dramatic landslides and flooding.
  • Lack of forests means a dwindling of habitat and biodiversity

New forests - new perspectives for nature and people

Our projects in Nicaragua have both high ecological and social effects. Together with the local population, they work locally against the climate crisis and for climate justice. Trees have the ingenious ability to bind carbon and are therefore one of the most natural opponents of global warming.

Through your donation, participating farmers, for example in the departments of Estelí and Boaco in the northwest of Nicaragua, can plant new tree seedlings and thereby create multiple added value for securing their livelihoods:

  • Carbon sequestration: The new diverse mixed forests actively contribute to mitigating the climate crisis. This is because the CO2 sequestered here will, in aggregate, relieve the atmosphere - and thus also make a valuable contribution to climate justice.
  • Fair, regular income: The farmers receive this income for reforesting their fallow land and caring for the trees. In the long term, the sale of wood also brings additional income, while the forest as a whole always remains.
  • Water storage: The root systems of the trees enable the soils to store water better, thus helping to protect against landslides during heavy rainfall. In addition, the groundwater level is constantly increased. 
  • Biodiversity: The new forests create valuable habitats for numerous animal and plant species - an important contribution to increasing biodiversity.

The project is controlled and certified by the Scottish Plan Vivo Foundation. The Plan Vivo standard takes into account carbon sequestration as well as the achievement of social improvements and the verification of biodiversity enhancement.