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Closed Kijani - Forests for Change

Marmanet Forest, Kenya

Together we can restore forest ecosystems in a sustainable way. At Kijani, we grow indigenous forests and empower communities through training in sustainable forest-based business.

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About this project

Together we can restore forest ecosystems in a sustainable way. We believe in not just planting trees, but in empowering local communities to understand the ecological and economic benefits of forests.
Nestled in the Central Highlands of Kenya, the story of the Marmanet Forest helps us to understand the importance of sustainability. Through deforestation and excessive land use, forest cover has reduced by 90% in the past 50 years. Today, after the collapse of the local economy that was based on the sale of timber, there is a high unemployment rate and poverty, together with the loss of biodiversity and seasonal drought. This is where our project is based.

In the next rainy season in April, we will begin our tree-planting of at least 11,000 trees (10ha). To prepare for this, we have established a tree nursery and started growing tree saplings that will then be transferred onto our designated area of Marmanet. Our aim is rehabilitate the forest with the correct mix of trees that allow for natural forest rehabilitation, income generation and fodder provision for the community. Our team of young, spirited Kenyans is on the ground throughout the year to make this happen.

To complement our tree planting efforts, we are developing concepts for sustainable income generating ventures in bee-keeping and the harvesting of an indigenous weed called Urtica Massaica. We aim to produce valuable sustainable products for the local and international market, contributing to the sustainable revenue stream of Kijani while sourcing the bulk of our supply from the local community, who will receive training in these ventures.

We have strong local partners in not only our team members, but also the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and were recently awarded the MIT's famed Climate CoLab prize for our innovative concept.

To take the next step we need your involvement. Spread our story, donate to this project and let us restore the Marmanet forest ecosystem in a sustainable way!

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Updated at 18. September 2020