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Closed Diversity wins – Conserving biodiversity of the rainforest with OroVerde

OroVerde wants to stop the destruction of rainforests and the loss of biodiversity.

Andrea S. from OroVerde - Die TropenwaldstiftungWrite a message

Fascinating records can also be found in the tropical rainforests: Not only the tiger - the largest cat of prey - lives here, also the largest bird species, the gigantic harpy and the largest beetle, the goliath beetle are habitants of the rainforest. And of course not only size matters: the most toxic animal of the world is climbing here from tree to tree: The little poison dart frog, whose poison is able to kill 20,000 mice. Uniquely beautiful animal species can also be found in the rainforest: For example the colorful birds-of-paradise with their breathtaking mating dance.

The rainforest in general is the land ecosystem with the highest biodiversity on earth. 2/3 of all species in the world are living in rainforests. Annually mankind exterminates approximately 26,000 of them and is disrupting the balance of ecosystems, especially in the rainforest. Every 2 seconds an area as big as a soccer field is destroyed. Due to slash-and-burn activities and overexploitation only small forest patches remain, where just a few species can survive.

OroVerde wants to stop this disastrous development. With systematic biomonitioring, the establishment and management of national parks, the capacity-building and use of park rangers, generation of alternative income sources for the local population and other measures we can make an important contribution to stop the loss of biodiversity and preserve the fascinating rainforest. You can help as well – with your donation!

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