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Two iPads for disabled children for learning and communicating

A project from Familienentlastender Dienst Einhorn gGmbH
in Berlin, Germany

We offer free time activities for children with disabilities. They can play and have fun with us and our volunteers, who support us. We offer group journeys, swimming and sports groups and indiviual companionship in Berlin.

Nele H.
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About this project

We - that is the Familienentlastende Dienst (family supporting service) of the Einhorn gGmbH in Berlin - offer free time activities for children and teenagers with disabilities. With two new iPads we would like to create new possibilities for our kids.

Of course, opinions differ: you might think an iPad is a great help in your daily routine or just unnneccessary technical waste. But there are children, for whom an iPad opens up a new world, because it supports them in communicating with the people around. Those kids we would like to help and that's the point where we need your help!

We organize group offerings (e.g. a sports and a swimming group), one week journeys and individual companionship for children. During those times parents got time on their own while their children can play with us and have fun. We are supported by our volunteers. Without them it would be impossible.

In schools and therapies teachers and therapists successfully work with iPads. Children who speak only a few words or less can tell their needs and how they feel through iPads.
Besides they can learn new things while playing new games. For children who have problems with writing it is a good and fun way to do neccessary exercises. Working playfully stimulates many fields like cognition, perception or speaking. But the most important point is: the children have fun!