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KICKFAIR- life skill learning for a positive future

A project from KICKFAIR e.V.
in bundesweit, Germany

By its educational concept through football, KICKFAIR provides a framework where young people can learn the important skills that they need to develop positive perspectives in life

Steffi B.
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About this project

Tolga, participant meanwhile mentor at KICKFAIR: „I have always been torn in-between cultures. My parents come from Turkey. I really had problems to find my own identity. So I found something in my Turkish Gang. We did stupid things that I think were cool. I had a very low self-confidence and that helped me to feel strong. They were my family. Violance was part of our daily life. When I came to KICKFAIR, I started to reflect my actions and I began to understand that I need to change. I started to take over responsibility for myself and for my actions. And I learned a lot about myself, I learned how to solve conflicts in a non- violant way. I learned to listen and to talk. I learned that people are different and that this is good and not threatening. Through the international exchanges, I met so many people from other countries and I learned that diversity is a good thing.

Meltem, Tolga, participant meanwhile mentor at KICKFAIR: „When I realized, I only made it to the „Hauptschule“, I thought that‘s it. Your life is set. You lost. No perspectives, no matter what you do. My self-esteem was very bad. Through KICKFAIR, I discovered my skills, my talents, my strengths and I was accompanied in developing them. I made it to the Realschule and to the Gymnasium. I will graduate next year... and I am planning to go to university."

Michaela, participant and mentor at KICKFAIR: When I met KICKFAIR, I was in 7th grade Hauptschule. My parents fled from Slovakia to Germany some years ago and I was lost. I thought you are a nothing, you are a migrant, you don‘t have perspectives in lives. Then I got into the program of KICKFAIR. Although my interest was not that much into football, I found so many interesting things there to do and learn. I developed self-confidence, I finished the Hauptschule and I thought: If I can do that, I can as well go to Realschule and Gymnasium and study at the university. Well - today it became reality: I went to university, I am now finishing my master in social work.

KICKFAIR uses football as a tool to activate a variety of projects in the areas of education, learning and education. The central focus is on young people - this is KICKFAIR’s guiding principle. The football projects create spaces in which young people can work through issues with one another. They learn how shape their own living environment together, thereby constructing for themselves and for others new and positive perspectives on life.
Depending on the issue at hand, the KICKFAIR projects target different priorities: they promote participation and commitment, provide meeting platforms for integration, strengthen communication skills, offer advice on violence prevention and much more.

KICKFAIR uses the global power of football as a unifying tool. Through the networking of projects beyond the borders of Germany, KICKFAIR creates learning and meeting platforms where young people from different countries and cultures learn together and from each other.