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Bringing sport material to children in Bukoba

A project from Jambo Bukoba e.V.
in Bukoba, Tanzania

Please support our aim to strengthen children and youth by giving them the opportunity to do sports. Therefore we want to equip ca. 100 schools in Bukoba, Tanzania. With sports we address issues such as Aids/HIV, equal rights for girls and education.

A. Velasquez
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To this day, sports material for about 160 teams was donated to Jambo Bukoba NGO. In the second quarter of 2010 we want to transport this material in a container to Bukoba. In the beginning of 2010, a German expert should start to build an infrastructure for coordinating the distribution of the material in schools in Kagera Region. It should be realised in cooperation with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Deutschen Olympischen Sportbund DOSB. We have a qualified application and the possibilities of a sponsorship by the DOSB is in examination at present.

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