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Neema Mission Center

A project from Weitblick Berlin e.V.
in Iganga, Bulange District, Uganda

Neema Mission Center is a sanctuary and a school for vulnerable children and orphants of the Bulange district in east Uganda, where they receive shelter, nutrition and education.

M. Poerting
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About this project

Neema Mission Center provides a place for 356 vulnerable children and orphants, where they can live and learn, and where they are fed. 121 of those children have lost both parents and therefore sleep on-site. Many other children sleep at he homes of villagers, which is made possible through the good cooperation with the community.

Neema Mission Center was founded in 2010 by Pastor Stephen Dhairawa. He himself lived parts of his childhood as orphant on the streets. He made it his goal to make a better future for those children possible.
The public school system in Uganda is not extensive and for many of the populatio it is not affordable. Consequently, many children can not go to school. The goal of the Neema Mission Center is to close the gap and to enable the children of the Bulange Region in the east of Uganda to access education. Right now 356 children at the age of 5 to 15 get education in the Project.

There are 9 teacher at Neema Mission Center, who teach the children, who care for the them with devotion and who put in a great effort for their future.

At Neema Mission Center the children are fed. Parts of the daily needs are covered by food which is bought at the market. At the same time corn and tomatoes are cultivated on the property, as well as chickens are hold, in order to establish an Independent food supply.

The Project is located in the poor Bulange district, in the surrouding of Iganda, in the East of Uganda. On the property there are already one and a half builds build with brick, as well as a pavillion, which is used as a School builing. Unfortunately a second pavillion was destroyed by bad weather a few weeks ago. Furthermore, there is a latrine and several traditional clay huts, which are used as sleeping dorms.

Ever since Matthias Poerting stayed in Iganga in 2013 and meet Stephen Dhairawa, he is supporting the project from Germany. In the summer of 2016, Matthias and Janna from the student organization Weitblick Berlin went there again, to visit and to gain an impression of what was the result of the cooperation so far. The process made in the last three years are stunning. What began with 18 children on the church property of the Methodist church in Iganga, Uganda, is now a educational Institution on an own property for 356 children. There is a close weekly contact and a great confidence in the leader Stephen Dhairawa.

There are several projects at Neema Mission Center, which offer room for support and funding, and which need to be solved in the future. Among others is the funding of the new School buildng, as well as the construction of the well, the purchase of school books and exams, but also the running costs need to be covered constantly.

We are thankful for every help!