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Funded A better future for orphans and former street children in Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania

The association "Good Hope Centre e.V." in collaboration with a Dutch organization operates an orphanage in Tanzania along with a kindergarten and elementary school. We promise that every cent of your donation will go directly to the children!

S. Giebson from Good Hope Centre e.V.
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The association "Good Hope Centre e.V.", in collaboration with a Dutch organization, operates an orphanage, a kindergarten and a primary school in Tanzania. The orphanage cares for orphans as well as neglected children who face starvation because no one has cared for them. Some children have been found on the streets by social workers and others come from infant children's homes when they reach two and a half years old. Every year about 15 children become adults and leave the orphanage and we take another 15 children into our care.

In addition to the children's home there is also a "Happy Watoto" kindergarten where about 55 boys and girls between the ages of two and a half and seven years old live. When the children are older, they move to the "Happy Watoto" elementary school, which also has a children's home and is located about 8 kilometers away from the kindergarten. In that home we care for 88 children, all of whom attend the elementary school. Also attending the school are 102 children from the surrounding villages. Some of the children from the surrounding villages have parents who can afford to pay for their children to attend the school, which helps us to run the project.

The every day kindergarten experience in our institution is similar to kindergarten in Germany. Additionally, the kindergarteners learn English, which elsewhere in Tanzania is only taught in secondary schools. The children are also taught how to be self-sufficient; the elementary school children wash their clothing and dirty dishes daily. The older children can also volunteer to help grow beans, corn and bananas in our field.

We employ 60 locals who work as kindergarten teachers, cooks, instructors and security guards. Through these jobs we contribute to the income of 60 Tanzanian families. We also offer spots for volunteers to help for three month periods (or longer); many people, including students and teachers have already volunteered with us. There are many outsiders who evaluate our projects and offer suggestions. Through this feedback we are able to continuously improve the project.

Unlike very large organizations, we do not spend a cent on management. Our board members travel to Arusha at least once a year to assess the project and they pay for their own travel costs.

There are children all over the world who are in terrible distress. We can't help everyone, but we need to start somewhere. In Tanzania we help change the lives of many neglected children for the better. We promise that every cent of donations will be spent on the children. And anyone who travels to Tanzania is invited to see for themselves how well their money is spent there.

We would like to offer our children in the Arusha region a better future. And that's why we have chosen this African proverb as a motto:

"When many small people
in many small places
do many small things,
they can change the world."

You can help us!