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Closed Hope for Women and Girls' Infected and Affected by HIV&AIDS in Cameroon

Hope for women and girls' infected and affected by HIV&AIDS in Cameroon is an innovative project aim at bringing together 100 women and girls' infected and affected by HIV&AIDS in Menji together to empower them and promote their livelihood.

L. Lucia from Inter-Confessional AIDS Network CameroonWrite a message

Why Target HIV in Cameroon
HIV prevalence is growing rapidly. In 1990, there were fewer than 32,000 HIV-positive Cameroonians. By 1995, the number of PLHIV increased more than eight times to
264,000. According to a recent report published by the Cameroon National AIDS Control Committee in 2010, there were 560 000 persons living with HIV&AIDS six new infections occurs per hour, approximately 141 per day, 4,276 every month, and 51,315 per year.
Which is why there is a grate need to support this action

Orphans due to HIV&AIDS
The number of children orphaned by AIDS, children under age 18 who have lost one or both parents to AIDS has increased dramatically, rising from 13,000 orphans in 1995 to 304,000 in 2010. By 2020, this number is projected to rise to 350,000. Children orphaned by AIDS representing about 25 percent of Cameroon’s total 1,200,000 orphans in 2010.

Project Goals
1-After 2 months, 100 women living with HIV&AIDS members of 4 support groups come together to crate an alliance for women living with HIV&AIDS

2-After 3months, training manuals and guides on income generation strategies, Management and Nutrition are developed

3-After 4months, 100 women living with HIV and AIDS are trained on Income generation strategies, advocacy, management, and nutrition.

4- 800/1000 community members are sensitized after 8months on women’s and girls rights and 150/200 men are trained on gender roles.

5-After 6 month 2 oil milling machines for income generation are purchased and installed.

6-After 9months there are funds generated from oil milling to send 20/30 orphaned girls drop out of school and heading household back to school.

7-After 11months 20/30 orphaned girls heading households are attending school with funds generated from oil milling.

Project Objectives
1-Bring together 100 women living with HIV and AIDS who are members of 4 support groups to form an alliance of women living with HIV and AIDS during 6 months of the first year.

2-Train 100 women living with HIV and AIDS on income generation during the fist year to enable them better manage and increased income from their small businesses for improvement of their livelihood.

3- Organize campaigns every month to educate 1000/ 1500 community members on women and girls rights.

4-Reduce traditional practices depriving women and girls from property ownership, inheritance rights and rights to succession by 60% by the end of the first year.

5- Fund-raise and support 20/30 orphan girls drop out of school and heading households back to school by the end of first year.

Methods to be used
We would design questionnaires in three categories, one for HIV positive women, second for Orphans girls heading house-holds and the third community women and men with female children. We will also organize a focus group discussion with orphan girls heading household, we will carry out one on one interviews with school authorities.