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Empowerment through craftmanship. Support turkish women in Berlin.

A project from von Meisterhand e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Von Meisterhand e.V. is a charitable association based in Berlin that supports female immigrants from mostly turkish backgrounds to live self-determined, widen their supportsystem and use their skills to find employment.

Ann-Kathrin C.
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About this project

Spinning straw into Gold
Our "von Meisterhand" Story 2020 is about Güler. As one Example for many, we want to share about her life here.
This Lady has hands capable of spinning straw into gold! Güler helped many other immigrant Ladies to get ahead in their handcarfting and with that in life. She is our solid rock. She is our example turning lemons into lemonade. Because that is what she did all her life.

Not without my crochet needle
Crochet is Gülers first love. As a little girl her biggest dream was to be able to crochet like her cousins. Its forunate she learned, because it will give her hope in many a gloomy day. 1970 her family migrates to Gemany as faktory workers. Because her parents work from morning to night, Güler has to raise her siblings. She doens't go to school and doens't get any education at all. Only from 1980 onwards also kids from imigrants where required to go to school. But Güler is a fighter. She takes to jobs she can get, stays a caregiver for her family and never stops crocheting.

Güler is turkisch for "laughter"
And this Lady never lost it! Nobody who meets her on the street would see the dark times she went through. Business trip to Turkey? Teaching other imigrants handcrafting? Thats what she does since 2016 with our association "von Meisterhand e.V". Here she can show her abilities, have a carrer and inspire other women.

"I love working in a big team with nice colleagues. Crochet is the love of my life and like therapy for me. When i was seven, i badly wanted to learn the lovly patterns. My cousin made a even or eight meter long string of mesh with me- thats how everything began. I love to work here- with all of you!"- Güler

The world needs more crochetqeens
We would love to tell you these stries every day! Not the art is the center of our work but our artists are our gems! Together with you we wanna help more Ladies like Güler writing a success story with life. How? With on the job training, coaching and counseling.

Would like to know more?
ARTE made a documentary about our work (back then our name was still "Ritas Häkelclub"), which is still online here.
Also visit our website!