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Donation for a Station Island of Hope for animals in Xanthi

A project from TSV griechische Fellnasen e.V.
in Xanthi, Greece

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griechische Fellnasen e.V.
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In Xanthi approx. 6000 dogs on the road, in the no man's land live according to past estimations, into which villages, or became in the mountains of the mountains decontaminated.
Nobody can introduce itself, how cruel it is for these dogs. Without hungry and always run over water, in danger, to fodder, suffer, to be poisoned or killed. Only few animal welfare activists are ready in Xanthi to help these poor souls.
In Xanthi gave it so far a Shelter, a so-called animal shelter of death. In the rank list of the Greek negative list, this Shelter stands on place 4.
It is hardly possible to become for the flood of the always new dogs gentleman. But the problem are not the dogs themselves, but humans. They create themselves these poor souls on, as small Welpchen. But adults become sudden dogs from this Welpchen. They must be supplied, be castrated, inoculated and also still nourished. In Greece there are many owners of animal. But if one views oneself the division, then only very few dogs keep later their families. With a number of approx. 2,5 million left, so-called dogs in Greece one can have an interview, how many may call still another home it own. In Xanthi a animal rights activist has itself for years around the distressed, abandoned and injures dogs cared. But it fights also against the action of the city and the communities. She is called, if again new condemned men stand on the list, if illegal transportation are led around the animal shelter of that 'wards' to actually clean. It stands for the fight for the life. We will support in the future a new project also here. The possibilities develop and this fight for the life of the roads of dogs enter. We would like to establish an emergency station there for many these dogs, for some it also a grace place will become up to the end of life. They must be treated, fed medically and maintained healthy. If you liked to support us thereby, we would be pleased about an establishment of contact.