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Donations for a clinic in Bamenda

A project from Afrika Morgen e.V.
in Bamenda, Cameroon

In Cooperation with Anamed International a natural based clinic in Bamenda, Cameroon is planned. The locals want the clinic to supply an orphange and the surroundings

D. Wegerer
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The association "Afrika Morgen e.V." wants to help the people to help themselves. It is cooperating with the AEC (Association Emmanuel du Cameroun), a local development assistance organisation, aswell as Anamed International, which is acting for the usage of natural healing plants. Especially the usefullness of Artemisia Annua in fighting Malaria and AIDS has been proven over the years. Saddly such healing methods get patented and chemically synthetisysed. As a consequence a lot of cameroonians don´t have access to medical aid, because they just can´t afford it. Looking at the high percentage of people being infected with Malaria or AIDS this is just not acceptable. Because of that the association wants to help the locals to cultivate, manufacture, use and sell those healing plants. For the future it is intended to educate the professional staff aswell as helping the people to be self-sufficent with food. To guarantee the most needed medical aid of an orphanage leaded by the AEC aswell as the surroundings, a allready existing clinic shall be expanded. Locally given materials shall be used to reduce costs.

The involved associations are fighting for a combination of traditional and modern healing methods, to give people that can´t afford existing medicines the needed aid.

The clinic is the first step of a holistic concept. It is using the infrastructure of the 2001 founded GEH (Garden for Healing and Education) which includes the orphanage. The aim is a ecological and sustainable project which helps the body and the soul. It shall be self-sufficent in the longrun. Please visit for further information.

Thanks to the supply of Artemisia Annua there was no case of Malaria in the orphange within the last years and childs that are infected with AIDS do live within the community. That is why the locals asked for the clinic to supply themselves with natural healing plants.