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An aid project by “CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.” (B. Meinardus) in Nairobi, Kenya

B. Meinardus (Project Manager)

B. Meinardus
Kibera is an official district of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Actually it is the biggest slum of the world: More than one million people live here on 3 square kilometres. 65% of the inhabitants are considered as HIV-positive. More or less 6-15 people live together on 15 square meters in a hut – without any water, electricity or toilet. Kibera is mud, litter and fetidness.
Unimaginable that 600.000 children grow up here. Many of them are orphans. What shall happen to them?

CARE wants to show to the boys and girls in Kibera that they have a future although they were born in a slum. We want to show them a direction and open them a way – with your help. This is where sport can help.

Naturally we hand food to the children if they are hungry. We pay the school fee if it is necessary. Though, the most powerful way that we can change something is through football, basketball and tug-of-war. We use the collective game to deal with the childrens’ issues and problems. This is how we can talk about aids and malaria, about respect and fairness. At the same time sport promotes social competences, organizational abilities, concentration, discipline and tolerance towards other children. Especially girls can learn to assert themselves and to actively integrate in society. The children can use this knowledge in other areas of life as well – like the knowledge that they can overcome poverty and social needs.

“Ability in sports leads to ability in life. If it doesn’t progess, we remember the message of my brother Barack Obama: Yes we can!” Dr. Auma Obama, CARE Kenia.

We sincerely ask you to support our sports programme with a donation. Every child shall have the possibility to find its way out of Kibera. We only have to help them a little bit. Thank you very much!

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