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Elisabeth T, 1 years old

A project from "Grosses Herz für Kleinen e.V
in Bila Zerkwa, Ukraine

Лиза Черноморетц, Lisa Chernomoretc, sick girl, ukraine, help, help a sick chil

A. Kravchenko
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About this project

Lisa Chernomoretc
was born on 18 January 2013
in the 34 week of pregnancy

Birth Weight 2 kg
Size: 45 CM

Diagnosis: the CDF, syndrome of "Pagoda" by unfinished turn of the intestines, 1 period. Atresia of the jejunum.

Complications: Cicatricle stenosis of intestinal anastomosis, neuromuscular dysplasia ileum. Syndrome of short bowel.

Liza should be surveyed and operated in Hanover.

The amount of the charge is not clear before the researches are finished.

Hello! I am Irina – 24 years old mother of Liza Chernomorets. My long-awaited baby was born at 34 week of pregnancy. The contractions started and I was taken to the regional hospital, Belaya Tserkov (Ukraine). That was my first birth, I was scared and didn't realize what was happening. If only I could knew at the moment that my fears were nothing in comparison to what I and Lisa had to endure in the future.

Liza was born with a weight of 2 kg and 45 cms growth. She was very weak, very thin. It seemed that she was simply a small skeleton, covered with skin.

My Baby was immediately taken to the intensive care unit with diagnoses, which are incompatible with life – the most of kids unfortunately die because of that. On the second day, my little girl got her first operation. Unfortunately, the surgery didn't help and two further months she was connected to the devices and under the droppers. All this time, the hospital staff tried to persuade me to abandon my daughter, but I believed that all will be well.

Later, in a bad consistence we were transferred to one of the best hospitals in Kiev "Okhmadit", where we stay till today. Within March, May and October Liza survived three heavy complex operations and at some point the special meals choosen by doctors started to be assimilated, my daughter began to gain the weight. Suddenly something went wrong and again she got a rapid deterioration. Thanks to doctors, they actually try their best, but unfortunately they are not not almighty. Now, 18 January, 2014, we are already one year old; the weight is about 3 kg. She eats mixture of Nutrilon, most of that is not absorbed and leaves as a large quantity of stasis. My honey is so fragile, it seems that she had only vast deep eyes, she looks at me and asks: "Do something! Help me!" My