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Help for sexually abused children

Hamburg, Germany

The Society is run by Vera Falck. Child- and youth-psychotherapists work in counselling and therapy, as well as music therapists and diplomat-educationalists.

J. Falck from Dunkelziffer e.V.
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Dunkelziffer in Hamburg has offered music-therapy for abused children since 1998. This musical care is aimed to help the children work through their traumatic experiences and give them courage to face life once more. Two music therapists of the Hamburg University for Music & Theatre are taking care of currently nine children in weekly individual sessions at present. The therapy is free of charge for the children.

Child Therapy
The child-psychotherapy is conducted by experienced and professionally-recognised therapists. The aim of the therapy is to create a secure, trusting relationship between the young victims and the therapist. In this way the young girls and boys learn to differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, and develop trust in their surroundings. At present there are 19 children in therapy and - unfortunately - still more on the waiting-list. This therapy is also free of charge for the children. We hope very much, through help from our sponsors, to be able soon to finance further therapy-places.

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