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Ghana Waterprojekt

A project from Pronalife
in Sunyani, Ghana

Ghana Waterprojekt

U. Förster
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About this project

Ralph is a good friend of ours from the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana, who sacrifices himself for many years in the daily fight against hunger and poverty.

The Brong-Ahafo region is characterized by very fertile and nutrient-containing soil from the scoring in watering high yields.

Several wells in the surface of 10 ha exist. They must be drawn by hand or the pumps are operated by ancient diesel generators.

Pronalife will instal as a godfather's project in the region the first solar-pursued in connection with droplet irrigation.
This system runs completely independently. No operating expenses as for exsample diesel will be more necessary.

Pronalife would like to insert a modern drip irrigation, which works on solar base with biologists and agronomists.
This procedure requires the slightest financial effort made, scoring but high yield.