Tareto Maa: Help for children in Transmara

An aid project by “Tareto Maa” (Gladys Naingolai K.) in Kilgoris, Kenya

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Gladys Naingolai K. (Project Manager)

Gladys Naingolai K.
Tareto Maa supports orphans and girls, who had to flee from genital mutilation and forced marriage. We want to offer a new home to these children, a home where they are safe and can go to school together with other children from the community.

“Tareto” is a word from Maasai language and means “help”. “Ma” is short for “Maasai community”. So our name means : “Help the Maasai”. We challenge outdated and dreadful traditions, which damage our children’s well-being and which prolong the marginalization of women. Female Genital Mutilation is outlawed throughout the world and in Kenya it is banned by law – and yet it is still being practised in many parts of the country. Another major problem is the forced marriage of young girls.

As a Community Based Organisation, Tareto Maa Kenya is part of the local congregation. We want to shelter 122 children and offer them education. When we started to work in April 2009, there were already a dozen girls who desperately needed help. And many more girls were looking for protection and took refuge at our relief center since then.

We are happy about any kind of support. All donations will be used solely for the welfare of the children. For further information please visit our website: www.tareto-maa.org.

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Location: Kilgoris, Kenya

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