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WCCF helps: Mosquito nets for the Khmuogn Commune in Cambodia

A project from World Children Care Foundation e.V. (WCCF)
in SenSok District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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F. Bader
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The community of Ckhmougn is about 25 km away from the capital Phnom Penh. It is now the home of the dwellers of the former garbage dump as well as the home of many people and families who were forced to relocate.

About 9700 people live in 1560 huts. The percentage of people under 18 years is about 56% (11/2013). The living conditions are disastrous not only during the rainy season.

Mosquito nets are not only a very important base in the fight against malaria and dengue fever, they are also effective against not flying insects as:

- Blood-sucking insects
- Fleas
- Bedbugs
- Etc.

The insecticide treatment of the nets with Permethrin is not hazardous for babies, either.

Less than 2% of the families and individuals living in this region own an intact (not holey and appropriately treated) mosquito net.

WCCF has already started with the distribution of the urgently needed mosquito nets. Out of 5000 mosquito nets 1755 pieces have already been distributed by January 2014. In order to guarantee further distribution before the start of the rainy season, we ask for your donation!
Considering the negotiated volume discount, the cost for a mosquito net which is treated with insecticide protection and which is qualitatively above average is only 4,25€.

World Children Care Foundation e.V. (an incorporated nonprofit organization) supports this as well as many other communities of this country with miscellaneous projects, among others the improvement of hygienic conditions, the creation of human living conditions, e.g. installation of toilets or water supply, but also education. All members are exclusively voluntarily active. Funding is exclusively done through the members and donations.