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Life-SMS: Life Style Measures in MS

A project from Deutsche Stiftung für Gesundheitsinformation
in Schlangenbad, Germany

Development and provision of a lifestyle based methodology to treat multiple sclerosis. Creation of an information portal, offering retreats and seminars for self-management, release of publications.

J. Spitz
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About this project

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that is obviously influenced not only by genetic factors but also by numerous environmental and lifestyle variables. Knowledge about these influences and resultant simple and side-effect free treatments positively influence the risk of developing MS as well as its progression. This approach is independent of, and compatible with all medical therapies.

The project Life-SMS (Lifestyle Strategies in MS) has set itself the objective to collect and condense the available relevant scientific information and to publish its findings via various media. Knowledge about basic contributing factors and their interactions can free those affected from their " victimhood " and provide them with the opportunity to actively improve their health and aid their recovery.

It is worth noting that the emergence and prevalence of MS are closely linked with the industrial development and urbanization in the last 200 years. The frequency of MS has increased significantly especially in the last 30-40 years. So it is time to react.

At this point the project Life-SMS becomes concrete: Reprogramming the immune system through the consistent minimization of harmful influences, strengthening the desired immunological reactions and the initiation of measures that support the regeneration of cells

The project is based on four pillars of health management:

+ Sun and Vitamin D
+ Nutrition and micronutrients
+ Exercise and physical activity
+ Stress reduction and creation of mental stability

The measures derived from them may complement necessary medical measures.

The main objectives of the project are:

+ Building an Internet platform for patients and therapists providing information and training
+ Continuous analysis and tracking of relevant scientific studies
+ Participation in research projects related to life style and MS
+ International exchange and networking
+ Offering seminars and retreats for the implementation of the methodology

Behind Life-SMS is an interdisciplinary and international expert network of researchers and practitioners, which work together in the development of a methodology for self-help for people with MS, based on the above foundations. A special feature of the Life- SMS network is the collaboration of those affected and non- affected with the appropriate scientific background. The network currently relies completely on private donations and the self- commitment of network members. Every donation counts!