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Thirst for knowledge - clean water for a school in Kasoa

Kasoa, Ghana

The association „Ghanas Kinder e.V“ supports the building of a fountain for the Gye Ayame Academy in Kasoa.

S. Winkel from Ghanas Kinder e.V.
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About 120 children aged between 3 and 14 as well as 11 teachers get together at Gye Ayame Academy in Kasoa from Monday to Friday. Each class is provided with one bowl of “fresh water” a day. That has to be enough to wash 40 hands for the entire day at school. Older students do not only bring the water for each class but also the water that is needed for cooking from a public watering place.

The situation could change soon. Good reachable groundwater for building a fountain is located underneath the school. These costs would amount to approximately € 1200. Once the fountain is built, the next step is installing a water tank (about € 650). A tank guarantees the sufficient water supply during the dry season and enables the construction of toilets in the medium to long term. Until now the only “sanitary installation” is a wooden shed.

The association „Ghanas Kinder e.V“ supports the school in Kaso since 2009. Moreover, the Child Aid Foundation (CAF) funds the school under Nicholas Wassan’s dedicated management. In 2011 a new building was built and equipped by donations from Germany and Switzerland. Furthermore the association assumes the teachers’ salaries as well as the school fees for children in serious need. The construction has still not been completed. Every time there’s some money „left over“, it will get a step further. During these weeks the framing gets painted.