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Mamma Afreeka - Womengroup Mathare Slum and Landproject in Kinangop Kenya

A project from Kipepeo Förderverein Kenia e.V.
in Gathiriga, Kenya

The grassroot organisation Mamma Afreeka Welfare Association (Mama Afreeka Repatriation Initiative) has her origin in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi. The womenengroup has landprojects in Kinangop (Kipipiri, Nyandarua, Rift Valley) & Lamu (Mpeketoni).

Maria I.
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About this project

Out of the slum – Back to the land!
The initiative was founded while I stayed two years in Kenya, where i became friends with Damaris Mbulwa “Mamma Afreeka” and her family. They lived in Mathare, the oldest Slum of Nairobi. I experienced firsthand the difficult lives of families living in the slums and helped them to survive. The Rastawomen in the slum where organized in a womengroup - together they worked to improve the living conditions but could do less themselves because in the slum there are les perspectives. Provisional the wish arose to rehabilitate these families to their own land in the countryside and therefore enabling them to live a healthier lifestyle with a better standard of living.
The first family with five kids already repatriated in 2011, they have a half acre of land and their own house as well as goats and chicken. At the moment we rent the agricultural land for self-sufficience its not our property yet so to do permacultur is difficult. Instead of yearly lease we aim for the women owning their own land. Since beginning 2014 two stepdaughters of Mamma Afreeka stay with her. For the children we found sponsors to facilitate a profound education.

…….To give needy families from informal settlements (slums) the chance to shift from the urban slum to their own lands, in order to enable them to live a positive prospective life on their lands.
…….To make it possible for the children to experience a more peaceful and healthier childhood and thereby to create a grounded grown-up human being in future society.
…….The family to gain independence through a (new-)start help and school sponsorships.

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