Funded Gandhi für Kinder

An aid project by “Arun und Sunanda Gandhi Bildungswerk UG” (S. Kamenowski) in Kolhapur, India

S. Kamenowski (Project Manager)

S. Kamenowski
Our project is focused on helping children who are vulnerable to the crisis in human trafficking, where children are either kidnapped or sold into virtual slavery – girls as prostitutes, boys as cheap labour. Without access to education, or the training and opportunity to become contributing members of society, these children remain trapped in poverty.

Proposed Project
Expand a boarding/day school in the town of Kolhapur, India currently focused on providing free education and a supportive community environment for at risk children. Currently 30 students are enrolled in a school that will be moved to the permanent facilities. The land has been purchased and a German architectural firm has volunteered their services to develop the blueprints for the school structures. Its primary objectives are:

• Impart functional literacy (3 R’s) to boys and girls aged 6-14.
• Provide extracurricular activities that support the whole development of each child.
• Promote vocational education and training increasing employment prospects for each child.
• Provide a learning environment placing equal emphasis on the learning of the 3 R’s, inculcation of social consciousness, and a sense of values.

The school, modelled on Gandhian principles of simplicity and self-reliance, is structured to serve 100 boarding students, and 300 day students. The intention of the school is to create a set of local conditions and opportunities to enable village-based families to become self-sufficient as an intact family unit. This project aims to uplift the whole family, allowing the village community to become stronger, one family at a time, with dignity and self-reliance. This project is designed as a model that can be replicated throughout India and the world.

More information:

Location: Kolhapur, India

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