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Sponsors for teachers in Bardiya

A project from Fairwiese e.V.
in Tarkudwara, Nepal

In cooperation withShree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School NELTA I would like to organize Training workshops for English teachers

I. Bartelt
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Inge Bartelt
born in 1946
married, 2 daughters

For over 40 years I worked as a teacher and vice headmistress in different schools in Duesseldorf and Fulda. During my active time I have been at as well at schools in Malta and Canada. At my school ( Johannesberg School in Fulda ) I took part in a European Comenius project as project manager.
After my retirement in 2011 I spent 3 months in South Nepal as English teacher and teachers’ trainer for a small English NGO at two different schools there.

The open friendliness and the eagerness to learn of teachers and students did deeply impress me.

In the classes there are up to 80 students. They only have pens, copy books and books and no access to other learning materials. The equipment of the schools does not even fit minimum standards like suitable tables and chairs and a decent blackboard.
In 2012 The SES (Senior Expert Service in Bonn) sent me to Tajikistan for 3 weeks and 8 weeks to Bardiya/Nepal to teach and mainly to train teachers, which was appreciated as being motivating and effective.

As of their aim is sustainability the SES sends me to Bardiya again in February 2014. Together with NELTA ( Nepalese English Teachers’ Association ) I would like to organize 2-3 days workshops for the teachers of the area, together with the colleagues of the Shree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School, where I was in 2012 The teachers only can take part in case costs for travelling, food and material are provided, as neither the school nor NELTA can shoulder these expenses.
r 10 workshops with 30 participants each are planned. Per person approximately €10 ,for the 10 co-trainers €150 will be needed, all in all an amount of €3150.