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A project from Action Syria - Tamer Alawam and Friends e.V.
in Aleppo, Idlib, Damaskus, Syrian Arab Republic

We want to strengthen the people who are building a new life here and continue to believe with their hearts and minds in their loved ones in their home land and in the idea of a democratic Syria.

C. Ruff
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About this project

After the first successful delivery of donated cloths and medical equipment, such as surgical cutlery and prostheses, in a donated car and a bought ambulance in February 2014, we brought vehicles full of donated medical supply and cloths together with the project "3433 - The Road to Syria" to the Turkish-Syrian border autumn 2015.

The difficult security situation inside Syria but also at the border led us to the decision that we could not bring any transport safely to its destination. Instead, we then turned our attention to another issue: rental assistance for families who have fled Syria in Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan.

The average rent for a simple and small two-room flat in Lebanon is $450. A family of five needs at least $30 a day for food alone. So added up, a family of five needs at least 1300$ a month just to survive - this does not include medical expenses, winter clothes or varied and healthy food. It simply enables survival. We have been focusing on families of widowed mothers who have no income and simply depend on the help of others. 

Today we want to focus on supporting Syrians who have arrived in Germany. While they have fled, friends and family are still living in the war zone. The worry about loved ones and difficulties in the new living situation is unnerving, and the Corona crisis has made the situation even worse. 

Please support us and help us to help.
Many, many thanks for your kind donation!