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Bring donations with us to Syria!

In June we will bring medical donations from Berlin to Syria to support a hospital in Aleppo. Help us to help and donate for petrol expenses and for the purchase of one or two vehicles. Many, many thanks für your kind donation!

C. Ruff from Action Syria - Tamer Alawam and Friends e.V.Write a message

After bringing donated cloths and medical equipment such as surgical instruments and artificial limbs in a donated car and an ambulance, bought with donations, to Syria in February 2014, we now want to continue: in June we want to bring with your help medical equipment to a hospital in Aleppo. We got a list of most needed machines and equipment and try to receive these as donations from hospitals and doctors here in Berlin.

For that purpose we again need your financial support, as we need some money for petrol. Furthermore we want to buy one or two vehicles, which we also send to Aleppo and can be used there for the fast transport of injured people.

Please support us and help us to help.
Many, many thanks für your kind donation!