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Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

A project from Breuckmann-Stiftung
in Karonga / Mzimba, Malawi

World population, family planning, sexual and reproductive health education for children and adolescents, women's rights, youth-friendly health care, access to contraceptives

B. Breuckmann
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About this project

Family planning and sexual and reproductive health education 

- protects life
- strengthens the self-determination of women and girls
- supports health care
- prevents uncontrolled population growth
- helps to sustainably preserve our environment

In December 2013, we had already initiated a family planning programme in the Karonga district in northern Malawi with the following objectives:

- to provide targeted information on family planning and contraceptive methods to communities and schools
- to counsel adolescent young women about family planning and provide them with access to contraceptives
- to encourage women and girls in their self-determination
- to include disadvantaged groups in society, especially the disabled and AIDS patients, in the programme
- to establish mobile nformation centres where women and girls can get specific advice on their rights, family planning and contraception. 

Since the end of 2018, we have supported a cooperation project with PLAN International that focused on the goal of "sexual and reproductive health education for children and adolescents in Mzimba". 

The most important figures of this project:
Region:      Mzimba district in northern Malawi.
Duration:   Dec. 2018 to Nov. 2021
Budget:      approx. 1,664,000 €

The main objectives were as follows:
- Improve sexual and reproductive health and rights of children and adolescents. 
- Raising awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights for this group of people
- Improve access to quality, youth-friendly and free health care and contraceptives.

After the successful completion of this cooperation project, we have now decided to continue our projects in the area of family planning in the Karonga district, also in response to multiple requests from the local population.