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Closed We Use GIS Technology to Revolutionize Development!

San Raphael-Proof of Concept

E. Jackson
E. Jackson wrote on 25-01-2015

Almost four years ago,
The Institute for Conscious Global Change (CGC) began welcoming over 100
Millennials and a few Boomers, all volunteers, to engage in an enormous
undertaking of developing The Millennium Earth Project, its primary

We all discovered
together how the 21st century technology Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) and it's related platforms which include the geodesign method
could be used to show how we could 'fundamentally change the way humanity lives
in and creates its environment'!

How this amazing
technology can help us collect, analyze visualize and design a future we all
want and the least and developing world deserves.   Each year of challenge and hope seemed to
pass more quickly than the last, especially this year, when The Institute for
Conscious Global Change (ICGC) achieved a significant milestone of completing
its prototype using Saint Raphael a small city in the NORD DEPARTMENT of the
Republic of Haiti.

Help eradicate poverty by 2030 in every country beginning with Haiti using GIS and geodesign!
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