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Support German middle school students in successfully finding a job

A project from Verein für Grenzenlose Bildung e. V.
in Wiesbaden, Germany

The organisation Verein für Grenzenlose Bildung e.V. is offering free educational offers to German middle school students. We thereby focus on the application process and want to support students in successfully finding a job.

P. Grünewald
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About this project

The charitable organisation "Verein für Grenzenlose Bildung e.V." is supporting middle school students (Haupt- and Realschule). We bring together unsalaried supporters, companies and students to provide free of charge educational offers.Our long term vision is to reduce problems like educational injustice, integration and the lack of qualified personnel.

In order to achieve these goals we provide several free offers,focussing on the application process, to middle school students, .

1) Application workshops at school
2) Easy to understand step-by-step explanation on writing applications
3) Videotutorials
4) Individual check of applications

These offers help students in the process of writing applications and to succeed in job interviews. Since our establishment in 2011 we provided a total of 2.000 hours in free educational offers. Thereby, we helped numerous students to successfully find a job.

To scale our engagement we need financial as well as active support. For the next 2 years our aim is to reach over 5.000 students.

For further information regarding our organisation please check (German).