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Changing climate - planting trees

A project from NETZ Bangladesch
in Norden, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most affected countries from climate change and its fatal consequences: floods, hunger and illnesses increase, crops are lost. Thousands of families are determined to fight. NETZ supports their self-help initiatives.

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About this project

How the fight against poverty can protect the climate

Bangladesh is one of the most affected countries from climate change. Floods have fatal consequences. Crops are lost. Due to climate change, hunger and illnesses increase. But the people are willing to take up this fight – for the future of their children. Their will and strength for a sustainable change contributes to combat climate change.
Victims of climate change become activists

Thousands of families in ten of the poorest districts in Bangladesh are determined to overcome hunger and poverty. NETZ supports their self-help initiatives.

Multiple benefits: They want to plant trees.
Poverty reduction and climate protection – two sides of the same coin

Every family can plant five trees in their direct surrounding. They choose fruit trees like Mango, Guava and Lemon as well as other like neem and horseradish. These trees are going to contribute to a better nutrition and an improved livelihood.
Safe and all-embracing

Local farmers support the tree planting and provide regular advise. The families take care of their seedlings. Therefore the small trees will survive, in contrast to many mass plantations, the critical initial growing period. As part of the project the families will be participate in trainings on the reasons and consequences of climate change as well as disaster preparedness and response.
Your partnership is needed!

Become a partner of a project that protects our climate and fights poverty. Donate the needed trees for one family or for a whole village. Every tree is a cornerstone in poverty reduction and climate protection!

7.50 euros for 5 trees
With this amount you donate one family the needed seedlings. With 150 euros you can support a whole village.