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Provide a balanced diet for kids at Sserinya primary school in Uganda

Donate €10 for a chicken in Uganda to provide a balanced diet for the kids at Sserinya Primary School in Uganda.

H. Finke from helpcore e.V.Write a message

Dear Donor,

right! Guess what, almost christmas again and here comes every years’ problem. What gifts should I get for family and friends? Cologne again, this new tie, wool socks, voucher to cut the lawn next summer, a DVD or even the famous thermal underwear? Oh boy – we exactly understand the problem but have an awesome solution! Avoid the hectic glow of pre-christmas consumption and give something meaningful: donate a chicken to the kids at Sserinya Primary School.

At the moment the 3-16 year old kids at Sserinya Primary School in Uganda always eat either Cassava, Porridge or Beans for breakfast, lunch and supper. Every day the same food and no variation at all. This monotonous supply of food not only affects the kids physically but also psychologically.

One request of the kids and staff is to buy chicken. They can use the eggs for their meals and from time to time enjoy delicious chicken.

The price of € 10 for a chicken includes not only the price of one chicken. Furthermore all costs for poultry keeping are included (feeding, chicken house etc.).

Once you decided to donate a chicken (€10 via the donate-button on the right), just shoot us a quick e-mail via and we will send you the voucher within 12 hours. A little bit of work is left for you though – this being said, you would only need to print out the voucher and hand it to the person who will receive this special gift. The voucher tells you everything you need to know about the chicken, its new home at the school, the planned poultry farm and the fence, etc. Everything will be designed in X-mas style, of course.

Just put EN for English or DE for German in the subject line of the e-mail, thus we know what voucher language we should send you back.

Thank you in advance,

Hendrik & the team of helpcore e.V.

You find further information on the school and helpcore e.V. at oder