Funded The road to safe delivery

An aid project by “Twende Pamoja Zanzibar” (Khalfan M.) in Chukwani, Tanzania

Khalfan M. (Project Manager)

Khalfan M.
Chukwani has a maternity center which was officially opened in 2007. It is 500metres away from the main road. The sideway which leads to the maternity center is very bumpy and rough. This is dangerous for pregnant women and babies. We want to improve the road to save their lives. Zanzibar Government has promised to provide machines and labour. We, Twende Pamoja, want to finance materials. The materials we use is Kifusi which is grinded coral stones. For one hundred meters, ten lorries of kifusi are needed. We have already started and we appreciate your support.

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Location: Chukwani, Tanzania

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