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A project from Schreberjugend Berlin e.V.
in Bayern -dort verschiedene Orte, Germany

Be a travel sponsor! be a party of a wonderful experience and provide needy kids and youngsters a great holiday camp. Sponsor 1 place or even a part of it and help them to get new friends our of the sad daily environment!

M. Wolters
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About this project

Too many families in our city are living in bad conditions with low income or just social support ( HARTZ IV). Way too much kids and youngsters are catched in their precarious life conditions and sad all day life.
We say thats not okay! especially as a NGO for Kids and young people!

In contrast to the 2005 detached Federal Social Security Act (BSHG) which provided grants for holiday camps, the current legislation does not provide any support for the recovery of children and adolescents.

Support us in our intent to get needy children from social weak families in Berlin-Brandenburg relaxing holidays out of her usual environment.

We want that they can see and explore new things, making contacts and new friends!

How is that possible? Donate the full participants fee (250,- bis 380,-) or just a bit of it for one or more children. Each donation brings us a bit further and a great holiday.

So be a travel sponsor and let the adventure begin!