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Perspectives Workshop 2013 e.V.

A project from Perspektivenwerkstatt 2013 e.V.
in Berlin, Germany


Verena S.
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About this project

Perspectives Workshop 2013 association is an interdisciplinary learning platform, which aims to support children and young people going to high school, to finish school successfully and improve their chances of getting a training or study course. This is associated with the vision of our association to identify new ideas and perspectives for the young people’s life and encourage them to exercise their own strengths and talents.

The association Perspectives Workshop (Perspektivenwerkstatt 2013 eV) was founded in November 2013 and has its headquarters in Berlin. An interdisciplinary project team of students, educators, sociologists, economists and engineers from different nations work together for the benefit of young people. We offer young people a service concept, which in addition to a tuition offer also includes application training. A creatively designed leisure program with a focus on social and political participation completes the educational and substantive concept of the association.

The activities of perspectives workshop 2013 are aimed primarily at children and young people with school performance deficits who have grown up in a socially precarious living environment. Our aim is to build a personal and trusting relationship with these young people. To promote political tolerance and acceptance, and to provide a system designed for democratic values, we see our work as an organization significant. In this way we want to show young people important life perspectives. At the same time, the association establishes a sustainable peace development in the society.

Perspectives Workshop 2013 is narrowly financed by membership fees and contributions from beneficiaries. For additional purchases, the association is therefore always dependent to a great extent on donations. Any financial contribution is welcome and necessary to ensure future of Perspectives workshop 2013.