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Help stray dogs, animals, rescue

D. Bozanic from D. BozanicWrite a message

Please take a minute to read.
These are the stories about three stray dogs with terrible fate. As all strays they have been left all alone on cruelty of the streets, dumped on the garbage in the middle of nowhere.
Heroes of those three stories were saved by a good people but the happy ending depends on US!
Srna is one of nine puppies dumped on the garbage, left all alone, in a winter time without shelters ….the good people from a block took care of her and the rest of the pups, made a kennels for them, feed them, cured them, vaccinated etc. After being her whole life on the street facing lots of dangerous situations she has finally found a home in France. She is healthy, happy and playful dog, ready to be loved by her new family.
Glisha is a purebred hunting dog rescued from a busy highway while a good woman was on her mission to rescue other two strays on December 2012. While returning to Belgrade she spotted him lying in the grass, not moving. She picked him up and along with Tara & Jo, drove him to the vet. There he was barely alive. From the hard car hit, he had problems with lungs and he couldn’t move his rear legs. He also had a large wound probably caused during the hunt while encountering a wild animal. It was really touch and go if he would make it that night. After 5 days, his condition was stable, he ate well, wagged his tail, but still barely used his hind legs, since his lap joint was broken. After two operations and many recovering days he is able to run free, happier than ever before. He found a loving family in the UK and is waiting for travel documentation to be completed so that he can join his new forever Mum.
Mimi is a baby dog who was found in the middle of nowhere, at the end of the road in abandoned area. All alone, wet and starving full of tick she was saved by a girl who was stuck there because of a car brake. But that was not the end of her agony! We’ve tried to find her home but it was so bad that I was adopted and have returned several times… it left emotional scars on her as she became fearful, fragile and very sensitive to everything around her. . Her luck has soon changed and together with Glisha she has found a loving and caring family who knows how much love these kind of dogs need and is ready to provide lots of TLC to them.
The rules state is they must pass the titer test to be able to cross the border, which is cost 70 euro per a dog and then one certificate for three dogs which is cost 50 euro. Beside this there is a cost of transport for these three dogs which is 250 euros per a dog!?
So, any donation even a minimum would be appreciate a lot!
Thank You All!!!

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