Nursery School for Togo – for a Better Future

An aid project by “AGBE e.V. Perspectives for Westafrica” (Johanna R.) in Tomegbé, Togo

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Johanna R. (Project Manager)

Johanna R.
The project of a nursery school for Togo was developed by the registered association AGBE e.V. and its partner in Togo, ASMERADE. All of the board members of AGBE e.V. know the village of Tomegbé, and many friendships have formed over the years.
The initiative was taken directly by the people of Tomegbé, who are strongly involved in the project and are the ones implementing and continuing it. A Togolese architectural firm designed the construction plan for the nursery school and the three nursery school teachers are all natives of Tomegbé.
All AGBE staff work on an honorary basis since we are all convinced that constructing this nursery school will be of the great benefit for the entire village community.
The nursery school will have guaranteed spaces for 150 children. But not only will the children profit from this. So will their mothers, and the entire municipality. The economic situation of the country as a whole is desolate, mothers are overburdened, and due to the poor hygienic conditions, many children do not even survive to grade school age. The municipality of Tomegbé considers the fact that there is no nursery school to be a key issue keeping its people from a better life.
The costs will add up to a total of EUR 18,000 (this includes the costs of construction, training nursery school teachers, furniture and equipment, notebooks, and pencils and crayons). Thus far, AGBE e.V. has already received approximately EUR 8,000 in donations (at street parties, concerts, as a result of presentations given in schools and churches, etc.). In addition, the head of the village of Tomegbé has transferred and conveyed to the project a plot of real estate on which the nursery school is to be built.
Each Euro donated will help us to achieve our objective faster and we are really hoping that we will be able to start with construction soon.
Please contact me at any time if you have any questions on the project. I look forward to hearing from you!
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