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An aid project by “Millennium Development Partners” (M. Wernli) in Kurgan-Tyube, Tajikistan

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M. Wernli (Project Manager)

M. Wernli
In the sport hall of the village of Yakatut, the ceiling is broken. It has a 1,5m wide gap. We would like to renovate that and with the wood we could repair a basketball place. For that we need wood, lime, paint, Alibaster and other materials. We also need the pay the craftsmen. To organise one local football league in the village of Andrei, region Vaskh, 15 km away from the district town of Kurganteppa. Since 8 years we are organising together with the local school authorities, sport events, like Volleyball, Football or Basketball for pupils in the age from 11 till 17 years old. Our donors are private persons from Switzerland and Germany. We are working together with the organisation of Partner Aid International. We are also offering other practical programs like English classes, computer courses and sewing classes. In the year 2010, 1043 boys have participated in a football/basketball league and 843 girls in the volleybal/basketball/footballl-league. Through your help, you are providing the children of the region of Khatlon the opportunity to develop their social, physical and psychical body and helping to improve their self-esteem for the future.

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Location: Kurgan-Tyube, Tajikistan

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