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Protecting Biodiveristy in Costa Rica's last remaining primary rainforests

Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Help protect this rare jewel and its inhabitants - support our project to conserve this primary rainforest along Costa Rica's Carribbean Coast!

Miriam from Tropica Verde e.V.
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Our Finca Curré is part of one of the last remaining primary rainforests in Costa Rica. It is located along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and plays a major role in the long-term preservation of biodiversity in the region, as it represents a "biological corridor". The Finca Curré is connected to the surrounding forest areas, which in turn are the link between two large protected areas. The resulting corridor extends from North to South America & offers many animals and plants a retreat. Together with our neighbors, we protect more than 300 hectares of rainforest - and are always trying to get more neighbors and residents on board.
The biggest threats are illegal logging (a kapok tree is said to be $ 8,000 on the black market!), poaching, and land occupiers. There is also enormous pressure for land: in the west through the expansion of banana plantations, in the east the uncontrolled expansion of tourism.
Our approaches ...
In order to be able to ensure the area’s protection, despite increasing hunting pressure, we supported the construction of three observation stations. This project was successfully carried out by our partner Ken from Finca OneWorld.
Our long-term partner and land rescuer from the very first minute (without him, we would never have found out that Finca Curré had almost been sold to a banana farmer and the excavators were already on the way ...), Thierry supports us in protecting the area with monthly patrols. He lives in the forest, without electricity, without water - and knows his way around very well. In short: the best man for this job.
So far, 2 master's theses have been written by students from the University of Frankfurt on our property, which has contributed tremendous scientific support for this site.
We also support environmental education in 3 nearby schools. Education is essential for a long-term and sustainable effect, which is why we, together with our local partner ACBTC, finance activities, such as excursions to the national park and school projects planned by the schools themselves. There is also theater, dancing, singing, painting ... there are no limits!
We hope you will help us to preserve this important piece of rainforest in Costa Rica! Of course, you can also take a tour with Thierry or help out as a volunteer in this project. Just contact us! You can find more information on our website: .