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Closed New stickers for LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR

Global sticker campaign LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR for more appreciation of translators' and interpreters' work. To be able to continue the campaign we need your support. For more information, please visit our blog

A. Müller from A. MüllerWrite a message

The major challenge of professional translators is the invisibility of the profession and a lack of understanding in society of what it takes to be a professional translator.

We want to change this situation.
That’s why we started the LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR sticker campaign.
„Sticker bombing“ is both a form of activism and engaged street art and is widely used in cities around the world to call attention to an issue.

Until today, we have sent more than 3000 stickers to over 250 supporters from all over the world and the LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR stickers can be found in many different places like Auckland, London, Buenos Aires, Vancouver and even at Lake Baikal in Russia!

Everyday, we are receiving new requests for stickers and the movement is getting bigger and bigger. It’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

We will be running out of stickers soon and would like to print new ones to continue the campaign (after all, there are still some blank spots on the map :-)…), but we are running out of budget, too.

Our friends and followers keep asking us whether it is possible to donate to the LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR campaign. And now it is!
We are very happy to announce that the social crowdfunding platform is hosting our crowdfunding campaign.

We chose, because it makes donations transparent and easy. And because we share the same maxim: „Even the smallest good deed has an impact. It can bring a sense of pride and self-confidence to go further – and it encourages others to act.“

We also want to be transparent, so let’s have a look where your investment will go to:

* 200 EUR for our 4th charge of eco-friendly stickers (5000 pieces).
We will order the stickers at, a Berlin-based printing company specializing in stickers.

* 300 EUR for postal charges
On average, every supporter receives 10 stickers. We send 70% of the stickers abroad. So, we will need about 250 EUR for postal charges to foreign countries and 50 EUR for postal charges within Germany.

Please also share this with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and in the „real“ world.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your support!

Anja & Marie

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