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Support of the project MTKJ e.V.

A project from Medien und Technik für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V.
in Paderborn, Germany

The project Used PCs are processed by us. Then we have with children and adolescents who were of partner (eg Youth Office) selected by a media training and they receive a recycled PC for free.

F. Sedlatschek
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About this project

The project
What happened there ?
We get computers of individuals, businesses (eg ActionIT , Westfalia play area) and institutions (eg University of Paderborn , Paderborn ) .
We prepare this computer ( new hard drives, RAM modules , cables, mice, etc. ) .
We keep up with the youth welfare office and selected partners anderern children / young people from financially disadvantaged families who come from a media pedagogical training in the children / young people with a basic knowledge about computers is conveyed.
The kids get their own PC with the open source operating system with Edubuntu home and be allowed to keep it free of charge .

This project we perform every year at the moment through twice . In this 12-14 children and young people are familiar with the PC and Internet media on average . We assume not only the cost of processing the donated computers, but also the food of the children and young people in public transport travel costs of participants / interior and the materials that consume the participants / inside of the 4 days of training . In addition, a small portion of the money is used for the volunteer package . All in all, the cost is there to about 2000 € per training .

Who we are
The association media and technology for children and young eV ' (short MTKJ e.V. ) was founded in 2012. The founding idea of ​​this non-profit association aims mainly disadvantaged children and young people to enable the option to participate in the media society . This is what we want to achieve with a hardware and software training , we perform independently or in cooperation with the University of Paderborn . Secondly, we give recycled hardware to these children and young people on.