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Be part of an initiative that can safe millions of lives

DEFINETZ E.V. is a non-profit-organization focussing on the topics: - Documentation of defibrillator locations - Developing reproducable strategies to place PADs at the Point of Need“ - Public relations efforts to promote early defibrillation

F. Nölle from definetz e.V.Write a message

Imagine two fully booked civil airplanes would crash in Europe every day! How many concentrated efforts on all political, scientific, organizational and financial levels would be taken to reduce the daily death toll?

Every day a comparable amount of people suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and are not treated properly with life saving Automated External Defibrillators (AED), the only method to restart a fibrillating heart. During his life­time every human looses four family members, friends, or colleagues caused by SCA who could be saved in many cases. The annual costs of SCA are extremely under­estimated and sum up to more than 4 billion Euros e.g. in Germany

Modern AEDs use moderate and pulsed electric shocks to regain normal function of the human heart. The devices are self-explanatory, safe and can easily be used by non professional laymen. The AED‘s safety systems reliably guard against accidental release due to faulty operation or misuse and operate with minimum or com­ple­tely without human interaction.

With AEDs you cannot do anything wrong, except if you don‘t use them - provided a system is within reach.

was founded in April 2011 as a non-profit-organization focussing on the following topics:

Would you know where to find a defibrillator? Only a few people could answer this question and if: Would it be the closest one? In case of emergency there is not much time for life-saving action which should be taken within 3-5 minutes.

definetz e.V. provides
- a versatile and supra-regional register of AED locations
- suggestions for sc. projects in the field of economic and
social impact of SCA
- collection of existing data and evaluation
in the field mentioned above

The distribution of defibrillators does not follow a reliable planning. In most cases the decision where to place a life saving unit is made based on subjective criteria. But there should be a reproducable strategy to place PADs at the „Point of Need“.

The setup of scientific criteria and instruments to identify the optimized allocation of AEDs using spatial planning methods developed by universities in Germany and Austria is one of definetz‘ main objectives.

Information about CPR and early defibribrillation is commendably publicized by several organizations and initiatives. definetz e.V. intends to collect, connect and mirror these information as well as promote information-exchange.