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Bicycles provide access to education in Zambia

A project from World Bicycle Relief gGmbH
in Zambia

Sustainable development through The Power of Bicycles Bicycles are mobilzing people and empower them to move forward by their own means. A bicycles offers transport to schools, clinics and markets and is a chance for economic development

K. Jasiunaite
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About this project

In rural areas in Africa studens walk 10- 15 km on a daily basis to reach their schools. Girl-children have the extra burden to complete many household chores prior to starting off to school. The challenge of distance result in increased tardiness, absenteeism, exhaustion and often the complete withdraw of the child from the educational system. Especially vulnerable are the girl students. 

World Bicycle Relief is transforming individuals and their communities through The Power of Bicycles. Our Buffalo Bicycles are granted through study-to-own programs as reliable transportation in order to reach clean water, education, healthcare, markets and jobs. 

European donations fund the Bicycle Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP). This program provides bicycles to rural students (70% girls) enabling them to get to school up to 75% faster.

The results show a significant impact: girls attendance rates are increasing by 28% and academic performance by 59%.

Your donation will mobilize more students with a bicycle!