Funded The Lost Children

An aid project by “Internationaler Club der Schlitzohren e.V.” (M. van Ackern) in Musiiwa, Zimbabwe

M. van Ackern (Project Manager)

M. van Ackern
The Big Goal
•Build a self-contained village for 80 –100 Orphans, whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS.
•Provide accommodation, food, water and medical care as well as education and training to acquire skills for basic jobs. Offer a chance to live an independent life later on.
•Create a natural African community with farming and livestock (goats).

What we have achieved already
•Purchase of arable land (13.000m2)
•2 stone houses have been built
•A nun belonging to a local religious order moved in to supervise the children and overlook the day to day running of the community
•9 Children have moved in to permanently live there

Our Philosophy
•The financing of our project is 100% charitable and indirect costs (admin, transport etc.) MUST NOT be incurred. The challenge of the founders is to constantly find people and organisations to contribute money and services voluntarily.
•The money raising initiatives (like classical concerts, raffles, baking cakes….) are arranged by a small core group of people in Germany. A German couple living near the site in Zimbabwe closely monitors the spending of the funds.

The next Step
•In order to avoid cholera or other diseases, it is imperative that a pump is installed into a well which has already been built. The costs for the pump will be 500 EURO.
•To keep the 9 children in food, education and medical care it costs Euro 100 per month.

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Location: Musiiwa, Zimbabwe

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