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Closed SHARE WARMTH with the homeless in Berlin!!

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We want to collect donations to help the homeless during the cold months in Berlin. We guarantee that 100% of the donations will go to the cause.

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Close your eyes and imagine the winter has arrived in Berlin...

...the snow lays gently on the sidewalks – the Christmas decorations are lighting up the streets, a scent of cinnamon and oranges is in the air. Now imagine it is getting dark and the air reaches minus 25 degrees – the floor is even colder. Suddenly the biting chill rises in you. You look down at yourself and instead of your loved winterboots – you are only wearing tattered sneakers. Instead of your warm winterjacket – you are only wearing a tattered sweater and instead of the ability to run home and fire up the cattle and the heater while hiding under your comforter – you have no place to go – not even a simple blanket to cover yourself. You just have yourself and the ice-cold ground of Berlin.

What sounds to all of us like the scariest nightmare, is for more than 10.000 homeless the daily fight for survival on the cold streets of Berlin. Last year alone more than 15 homeless people died during winter. In Berlin only 400 beds in emergency shelters are available during these times.

This winter we would like to help and SHARE WARMTH! After our conversation with the manager of the „Bahnhofsmission“ we know that especially sleeping bags and cloves can save lives, moreover hygiene products are needed all year round.

Every Euro can help and we can already buy a sleeping bag for 15 Euro or cloves for 9 euros and for 3 Euro a small packets of toothpaste, tampons, shaver, shower-gel etc.

Our sincere promise to you is that 100% of all donations will be used to buy the needed items and in December we will give these directly to the Bahnhofsmission and drive around Berlin at night to hand them out personally to the homeless together with some hot beverages.


Yours, Lino , Moritz and Alice

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