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Mike needs your help---healthy baby treacly impediment (dolphin therapy)

A project from Arbeiterwohlfahrt Unterbezirk Unna
in Curacao, Curaçao

The day everything changed in Mikes and also in our life...

Claudia T.
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About this project

Mike was a healthy baby what up to the age of 4 1/2 Mon. quite normally developed. Then the fateful day was in we because of Conspicuity in our son to the wrong doctor went. This did not recognise a virus infection. Whole more than three days to Mike came urgently to the hospital. The virus had caused disastrous damages while he penetrated about the nerve tracts into the brain. It was too late. Three days was not traded in those. One week later Mike would have been dead. Thus he is schwerstbehindert and will always depend on other people.
We try to help him by different therapies and his situation to improve a little.
This is not always easy and we hope for the empathy of the people. Every cent is important. To all donators a hearty thank-you in prerau....