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Chathura-orphanage in Sri Lanka - a refuge and home for girls in need

A project from Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle - Sri Lanka e.V.
in Mabotuwana im Galle-Distrikt , Sri Lanka

The Chathura-orphanage is registered in Sri Lanka since 2005 for the recording of girls in need. Please help Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle-Sri Lanka e.V. with your donation that our girls in Chathura-orphanage have a real chance at a better future.

A. Woll
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About this project

In 2005, we founded the Chathura-orphanage in Galle district in Sri Lanka and lead it since that time in our own responsibility together with our Sri Lankan partner organization "Deutsch-Lanka Friendship Foundation", which has taken care of the girls and the organization at the orphanage, The Chathura-orphanage is registered in Sri Lanka since 2005 for the recording of up to twenty girls in need.
The probation and childcare department in Galle /Sri Lanka checks the need and gives us the children. The girls in the Chathura-orphanage are cared around the clock from one home mother and two assistants. All of our children come from broken homes. Abject poverty, hunger, alcohol and drug problems, as well as domestic violence and sexual abuse certain the daily lives of these girls. They lived in miserable huts without water and electricity. Without family support they sought the dubious luck on the road. They stole and begging in order to survive. Traumatized, dirty and ragged they are handed over to us by the authorities. A school visited only a very few of them before. At the age of 10-11 years many of the girls still can not read, write or even count.
For the first time in their lives they sleep in their own bed, have enough to eat, a loving education, medical care and clean clothes ... a little happiness that is not of course by far in Sri Lanka. Around the clock trying our three supervisors with motherly love and care to heal these wounded children souls again. The girls attend all the local school in Mabotuwana. Until to the school exam and a vocational training or placement of a safe workplace, the children in the Chathura-orphanage will sheltered growing up. Only when our girls are able to shape their lives even responsible, we will release they out of our care.
In order to finance the monthly costs of about 2500 Euros, the Chathura-orphanage in Sri Lanka is entirely dependent on the financial support of our German association.
To ensure that our partnership in Sri Lanka is working successfully for the benefit of these poor girls also at a long time, our association "Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle - Sri Lanka e.V." needs the continuous financial support from donations, membership fees and sponsorships for our girls.
All club members of Kinderhilfsprojekt Galle - Sri Lanka e.V. in Germany are working unsalaried.
Also our visit travels from Germany to the Chathura-orphanage and back we all pay privately.
Our administrative costs are at about 1% of the donations .
Please help with your donation that the girls in Chathura-orphanage in Sri Lanka have a real chance at a better future.

Further information is available on our website